Step 1 - Contract is Awarded Through the Procurement Department
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How to Contract with The Harris Center 

Step 1 - Contract is Awarded Through the Procurement Department


Congratulations on being awarded the contract. Now that the notification of award has been announced, and released to all participants, the next step is to start the contract process. The contract process is initiated the Contract Services department.


1. The Harris Center will send you a Welcome Letter and Request for Documentation from a dedicated contract specialist who will be your point of contact throughout the contracting process. The letter will provide the following information and/or request specific documentation about your business:


            a.         Deadlines to submit required documents.

            b.         Request supporting documents in regards to your business entity.

            c.          Provide insurance requirements and request a Certificate of Insurance.

            d.         Request a W-9.

            e.         Request a 1295, if applicable.

            f.          Provide any special instructions.

            g.         Request copies of licenses or registrations, if applicable.


2. It is imperative that all requested documents be provided to your designated Contract Specialist in a timely manner. Upon receipt of all documents as requested, a contract consisting of all necessary elements will be drafted and sent to you for review, comment and signature if there are no changes. The Harris Center strives to fully execute all contracts within a twenty-one (21) business days or less timeline. The Harris Center will do its part, but we need your help.