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RFA - Substance Abuse Treatement- 2018

THE HARRIS CENTER FOR MENTAL HEALTH and IDD (formerly known as Mental Health Mental Retardation of Harris County) will be accepting responses to a Request for Application(RFA) for the following service:

The HARRIS CENTER for Mental Health and IDD (The HARRIS CENTER), through its Jail Diversion Center (Diversion Center) is offering to contract with a pool of alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities specifically (1) Detox Facilities; (2) Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs); and (3) residential substance abuse facilities based on the level of acuity and intensity of care best suited for the client. Program services will begin effective September 4th, 2018.


Overview of Program:


The Jail Diversion Center (Diversion Center) is a pre arrest alternative to incarceration for individuals with mental illness who have committed non–violent, low level offenses, with INITIAL focus on trespassers. Care Coordinators as well as licensed clinicians will provide assessments, integrated care plans and treatment to assist in an individual’s stabilization. Clients will engage in psychosocial programming, peer support and daily activities. Care Coordinators or licensed clinicians will provide extensive discharge planning to coordinate access to housing, social services and treatment post discharge, utilizing case managers and peer support. The program includes a short term transitional/temporary housing aspect where clients will reside 24/7 for up to 14 days. 



Vendor’s Role:


In addition to the care coordination services described above, if a client is assessed by the HARRIS CENTER staff to require more significant stabilization than what is being offered through our service provision then the client will need to be admitted for a more appropriate treatment setting.  We are seeking a pool of Vendors to provide residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment services specifically (1) Detox Facilities to provide a safe and controlled environment while the substance is removed from a person’s system; detox should occur on an inpatient basis where quality medical care can be administered through the withdrawal process; (2) Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) to provide a customizable and flexible option for suitable treatment care for those who do not need medically-supervised detox; (3) Residential substance abuse programs that are either temporary or long-term that may benefit a client after detox, if applicable. The Jail Diversion program will begin effective September 1, 2018.

RFA for Diversion Center- Substance Abuse

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