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Current Solicitations

The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD regularly issues Solicitations for services, equipment and supplies related to our operations. The following links are provided as resources in the solicitation process. It is the responsibility of the potential vendor/contractor to comply with the submission requirements as outlined in the Solicitation.

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RFA - Housing CTI

THE HARRIS CENTER FOR MENTAL HEALTH and IDD (formerly known as Mental Health Mental Retardation of Harris County) will be accepting responses to a Request for Application(RFA) for the following service:


The HARRIS CENTER for Mental Health and IDD (The HARRIS CENTER), through its Community Treatment Initiative (CTI) Chronic Consumer Stabilization Initiative (CCSI), is offering to contract with housing facilities to provide short term housing (3 months) to identified clients of the CTI Program.


Overview of Program:


Community Treatment Initiative (CTI) is designed to prevent recurrent homelessness and other adverse outcomes among persons with severe mental illness. It aims to enhance continuity of care and stability for individuals with a history of difficulty maintaining housing and sustaining engagement in mental health treatment. The intervention, which lasts up to 90 days, involves two components: (1) strengthening the individual's long-term ties to services, family, and friends; and (2) providing emotional and practical support during the transition. Services are delivered by workers who have established relationships with patients.  CTI assists clients with transitioning back into the community by providing intensive support and wrap around care.


Vendor’s Role:


In addition to the care coordination services described above, The HARRIS CENTER’s Community Treatment Initiative Program (CTI) will include up to 30 days of housing. We are seeking Vendors to provide housing to the clients enrolled in The HARRIS CENTER Community Treatment Initiative Program during this 30 day period.  Please refer to the Vendor Criteria and Requirement lists noted below, to see what is required of each Vendor.

Updated 2018 CTI Housing RFA Application


2018 Draft RFA- CTI - Contract