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SW Child and Adolescent Services: Honor Roll Student

"The Trevino family has a daughter who's 9 years old diagnosed with ODD and ADHD. Belinda* came into services because she has presented at school uncooperative, verbally/physically aggressive towards classmates and teachers, and she engaged in fights with her mother to the point where she pulled kitchen knives on her.

Jail Diversion: Pathway to Serenity

"A male consumer came to our Jail Diversion Center with a long history of substance abuse which was causing multiple problems in his life including difficulty holding a job, strained relations with his loving and supportive family, and repeated homelessness. Staff were working to coordinate transitional housing placement for him, but he left the Center without notice, saying he was going back to stay with family.

The right help just in time

The right help just in time

"Joseph visited a client who was in crisis when he arrived. Neighbors called police before Joseph arrived and he met police on scene. Neighbors informed dispatch that the client was brandishing a knife, exposing herself, and vulgarly offering to do sexually related things for money.  Police responded accordingly with weapons drawn.


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