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Crisis Respite Unit: Former Client is now a Peer Navigator

Crisis Respite Unit: Former Client is now a Peer Navigator

"I have been working at the Hospital to Home program at Open Door Mission. One day I was walking around in the court yard, and a resident approached me. He had been at our Southmore program a couple of times, and he remembered me.

YES Waiver Program: Youth Find Strength in Challenges

YES Waiver Program: Youth Find Strength in Challenges

Bruce was referred to the Youth Empowerment Services (YES) Waiver program in April 2018. He struggled with family stress and experienced intense school and interpersonal conflict. His file included reports of emotional outbursts and physical aggression.

Peer Services: Road to Recovery

"Clara* was referred to Peer Services by her SAI and she has been attending peer groups daily for the past year. She came to group to learn coping skills for her schizophrenia and to socialize with her fellow group members. When I met Clara she was having schizophrenic episodes daily and she was very depressed. Clara was also self-medicating with drugs and alcohol to manage her schizophrenic symptoms. She was very good at interviewing for and getting hired at many different companies, however had difficulty keeping a job.  Clara felt very lonely and was close with her family but didn’t have many friends.

Crisis Counseling Program: Reducing and Managing Stress

"I received a call from a woman who was depressed and felt like no one appreciated her. She stated that her sons always responded when she requested assistance, but they never just called to check on her and say 'hello.' 

Crisis Line: Stuck in the Railroad Tracks

Through The Harris Center’s partnership with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a Lifeline call in the area we cover was answered by our Crisis Line. The caller was inebriated and sitting on the railroad tracks with the intent to die. 


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