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Peer Re-Entry

Carla* came to The Harris Center's Peer Re-entry Program in 2019 while she was at the Harris County Jail. She struggled with substance use and felt overwhelmed not knowing how to begin her journey to recovery. She was eager and willing to make the necessary changes, but needed help.

One of the peers worked closely with Carla to help her identify barriers that kept her from moving forward. When Carla was released from jail, she was connected with one of The Harris Center’s outpatient clinics to begin her mental health services within the community. Part of her service plans included substance abuse treatment.


Carla's journey hasn't been easy. She relapsed and went in and out of several programs exhausting her resources and leaving her homeless. However, Carla was resilient and continued meeting with her peer, case manager and psychiatrist. Eventually, Carla was connected to Section 8 Housing through the clinic and was approved for housing.


Now, Carla is no longer homeless or in and out of rehab centers and shelters. Thanks to her determination to improve, and the support she has received in the Peer Re-entry program, she is now employed and attending a financial stability class. Although Carla's recovery journey is far from complete, she is taking it one day at a time, working closely with her sponsor to remain sober. Currently, Carla is preparing to continue her higher education at a local university. 


*The name of the client has been altered to protect the client's privacy.


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