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YES Waiver Program: Youth Find Strength in Challenges

Bruce was referred to the Youth Empowerment Services (YES) Waiver program in April 2018. He struggled with family stress and experienced intense school and interpersonal conflict. His file included reports of emotional outbursts and physical aggression.

Upon referral to the Community Living Support program, Bruce began seeing a recreational therapist who taught him coping skills to help him solve problems more effectively. He also developed a crisis plan to implement the strategies he was taught.


Bruce graduated the program with demonstrated ability in decreasing emotional outbursts and aggression. Communication at home and school also improved. His legal authorized representative reports Bruce thriving during challenges now.


Bruce continues to receive services through The Harris Center and engages with a psychiatrist monthly to ensure he takes all medication as prescribed to continue making progress.

Felicia Mirghassemi, MS, LPC

Clinical Team Leader


*The name of the client has been altered to safeguard the client’s privacy.


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