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The Harris Center Foundation Supports Innovative Programs

The Harris Center Foundation recognizes the passion, compassion and ingenuity of Harris Center staff – no one knows our mission and clients like our dedicated team members. So, The Harris Center Foundation has awarded up to $100,000 to programs enhancing care delivery for the people we serve.

The capABLE Coffe Program will provide training to participants with IDD and/or autism & pervasive developmental disorder ready to pursue work experience in a supported environment. Our goal is for participants to feel empowered to begin maximizing their own potential through the provisions of supports necessary for increased self-sufficiency as a valuable member of the community.


Project Airline Playground will build a playground at the Airline Children's clinic that aims to help children’s play development by stimulating the brain and helping them learn to communicate and deal with emotions, both simple and complicated. The goal is to improve the emotional well-being of the clients, increase physical activity and increase engagement in services.


The Medical Assistant Tuition Program will develop and implement training opportunities for existing staff to transition to Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) positions. Through a partnership with Houston Community College, staff will be offered the opportunity to participate in a 9-month program that will prepare them to apply for certification as a CMA. With the added support of CMA’s, nursing and medical staff will have the opportunity to provide more efficient and effective care.


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