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A day in the life of Sh’clara Smith, a Gessner Day Program participant Bookmark


It is early morning, and stepping out of the Metro bus is Sh’Clara Smith. She makes her way to the front doors of The Harris Center’s Gessner Day Program where she signs in and greets her friends ready to take on the day. As she sits, other participants gather around and they begin sharing what they did over the weekend.

As the conversations continue, Patrina Anthony, TxHmL Program Coordinator for The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD, comes in and speaks about breast cancer awareness as the individuals begin coloring breast cancer ribbons. So what exactly is this Day Program that Sh’clara has participated in for five years? The Day program, which is funded by The Texas Home Living Waiver (TxHmL), is for individuals with the diagnosis of an intellectual and/or developmental disability. Currently the program has 90 individuals enrolled.


“Day programs assist individuals in acquiring or improving self-help skills, independent living skills and socialization skills with the goal to assist them in eventually living in the community independently. The training is based on the individuals’ needs with a focus of community integration,” Lily Pan, Department Director for ICF-IID & TxHmL Services for The Harris Center, said. Sh’Clara has now finished coloring her ribbon and is walking to the laundry room with friends and Anthony. Anthony then gives them the task of folding shirts and hanging pants, something that comes in handy when an individual is working toward living independently. Sh’Clara is a pro at this task, and her recommendation is that “you have to fold the pants over your arms and let the hanger drift up and then you hang them on the bottom shelf.”


Within the Gessner Day Program, participants learn about things such as personal hygiene, healthy eating, how to prepare for job interviews, and how to maintain a job. They also learn money management skills, in part by helping at a store within the building in which individuals can buy a variety of items. Sh’Clara can often be found smiling behind the counter assisting in selling snacks. “That will be one dollar, please,” she states as she grabs the requested items. The store is only open for around 30 minutes, after which it is time for dancing! As they hear music playing down the hall, everyone rushes into the dance room to begin showing off their moves. This helps participants stay active, and it is one of Sh’Clara’s favorite part of the day. “With Sh’Clara, the one thing that helped her a lot was our choir. When she first started coming down to the choir, she would just stand to the side and she wouldn’t really participate nor would she dance. Now, she has even volunteered to want to lead a song, she’s always wanting to be in the front to dance and to show that she knows how to move with the beat and know the words to the song,” Anthony said.


Nowadays, Sh’Clara dances and sings her heart out along with her friends. Building friendships is one thing that the Day Program emphasizes so that the individuals can have a circle of support.


As the day is coming to an end, Sh’Clara makes her way out saying her goodbyes. She has to go home to prepare for the next day because thanks to the job skills learned in the program, she has a job at HEB that she loves.


That’s not the only thing she enjoys. “I really love drawing here [at the day program], I love to grow with my friends, teachers, dance teachers and job coaches because they are like family, too,” Sh’Clara said.


To find out if you or a loved one qualify for the Gessner Day Program, call The Harris Center at 713-970-0000 option 2.



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