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"Clara* was referred to Peer Services by her SAI and she has been attending peer groups daily for the past year. She came to group to learn coping skills for her schizophrenia and to socialize with her fellow group members. When I met Clara she was having schizophrenic episodes daily and she was very depressed. Clara was also self-medicating with drugs and alcohol to manage her schizophrenic symptoms. She was very good at interviewing for and getting hired at many different companies, however had difficulty keeping a job.  Clara felt very lonely and was close with her family but didn’t have many friends.

Clara used to have difficulty staying in group for the whole time but something inside of her shifted. She began staying for the duration of group and she started listening and applying the skills that she  learned. She developed a self-care practice which included meditation, exercise, eating healthier, and making gratitude lists. Clara also learned about positive affirmations which helped boost her confidence and defined her values, boundaries and healthy ways to communicate with her friends and family members. Clara started having less schizophrenic episodes and she soon became a leader in group by sharing her story and how she overcame adversity.


Clara has gone through a transformation in the past year and she decided that she wanted to use her story to inspire others. She recently began a new job, has gotten sober, and she is moving out of her family’s house, which has been of her goals. Clara is very happy today and has many new friends to spend time with. Clara shared recently that she is very grateful for Peer Services for helping her succeed on her recovery journey."


-Julia Raptis
Mental Health Peer Specialist, Southwest Clinic

*The client's real name has been changed to protect the client's privacy."


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