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Harris County Mental Health Jail Diversion Program Bookmark

Harris County Mental Health Jail Diversion Program
Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg and The Harris Center’s CEO Wayne Young met with law enforcement leaders from throughout Harris County earlier today to give an update on the success of the Harris County Mental Health Jail Diversion Program, which includes the Judge Ed Emmett Mental Health Diversion Center. This innovative program provides law enforcement with a community-based alternative for persons with mental illness who have been picked up for low-level, non-violent offenses such as trespass.

Since it opened its doors in September 2018, the Diversion Center has provided 1,085 diversions of persons with mental illness from the Harris County Jail. Stephen is one of the individuals served by the Diversion Center, and he wants to share his story to make sure others in our community in need of help receive it.

Click on the video below to see how this collaboration makes a difference in the lives of people like Stephen throughout Harris County on a daily basis.


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