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Letter by a Housing Program Client

"I was a single man just trying to make it on my way. I was the type of person to be a fair and honest, respectful man working for a living. I was going from job to job, never really holding a job down because of my alcoholic problems. I didn’t want to admit to myself and my family that I had a severe problem with alcohol.


I felt everything came crashing down in 2020 when I lost my job at Dr. Pepper. Eventually, I lost my apartment, and I had to stay in a shelter. I also had mental problems I didn’t want to deal with.

My doctor put me on medication, which helped some, but I was 'gone'. Now living at the Star of Hope shelter just trying to live, my counselor Mrs. Lindsay connected me with John Duodeh at The Harris Center. John began assisting me with finding more stable housing.  I was still struggling with problems while living at the shelter.


After a stay of three months there, I decided to walk out in possibly the worse time, the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak. I had nowhere to go. I was homeless for a while until I got in touch with my Christian brother Brother Daniel. He and my brother helped me to get into the Texas House, a program for drug and alcohol recovery. The team there helped me understand that I don’t need alcohol to live a good and better life.


I moved in with my daughter while the housing voucher John was helping me with was approved. My brother Daniel helped me look for a place to live on my own. When we finally found a place, I submitted my application and housing voucher to the Villas at Eastwood. I moved in about three months later, and Mr. Ricky Johnson helped me find a job at LBJ Hospital. I am now doing so much better, with a job, housing and food.  Now my mental problems are not so bad. I am thankful to all the people who cared for me and helped me along the way. God bless The Harris Center for being a true guide for me to enjoy a better life."


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