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The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD Provides Counseling to Astroworld Festival Attendees Bookmark

Nov. 15, 2021 – HOUSTON - A person’s response to a traumatic event can vary. Depending on their history of past trauma, their direct exposure to the traumatic event and other factors, symptoms could carry on long after the event has passed. 


In an effort to support Houstonians following the tragic events at AstroWorld Festival, The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD (The Harris Center) is offering counseling services to anyone impacted by these events – including friends and family members of those who have been impacted.  

Those seeking support can call (713) 970-7000 or text (832) 479-2135 to speak with a trained mental health professional. These counselors can provide free, 24/7 support, or they can connect individuals to scheduled counseling services, provided virtually or in-person.  


“Directly following the festival, the number one priority for attendees was to get to safety, connect with loved ones, and to take care of their physical health,” stated Wayne Young, M.B.A., LPC, Chief Executive Officer at The Harris Center. “Now, as attendees have had time to process these events and get the medical assistance they need, providing emotional support to those affected is key to the recovery process. This is especially true for those who were already living with a mental health condition, making them even more vulnerable.” 


Common reactions amongst adults following a traumatic event include depression, difficulty sleeping and concentrating, substance abuse and becoming more irritable and numb. For children, they are more likely to feel frightened or confused, making it even more important for them to have support. 


“It’s especially important for parents to be aware of how this may have an effect on your child,” said Luming Li, M.D., M.H.S., Chief Medical Officer of The Harris Center. “Having open dialogues, providing supportive reassurances, limiting news exposure, and acknowledging and validating their thoughts, feelings and reactions are all important steps to minimize the potential psychological impacts of a traumatic event.”    



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