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On the Road to Success

Debra* began receiving services from the Southwest Adult Clinic earlier this year. She had faced numerous adversities including trauma, stress, betrayal and fear. Debra shared she decided she owed it to herself to make some changes regarding her mental health. The end of 2020 had been especially difficult for her, and she was ready to take a stand for herself.

At the Southwest clinic, Debra received medication services, therapy, skills training and case management. As she explored her goals and redefined what she wanted for herself, she was able to learn and apply skills to build her confidence, increase her resilience and celebrate her progress. 


Debra reports she feels more equipped to cope with fears and nightmares form the past in a healthier way. She has ambition to find employment in a place she is respected and valued, and she shares she feels confident her skills and education will help her achieve her goals. She has enrolled in school and is working very hard to secure a stable future for herself and her family.


Debra is extremely proud of her growth and has embraced her journey to success firmly. She is constantly working to be better, stronger and bigger than her fears. Debra says that the services she receives at The Harris Center have helped her on this road to success, and the voyage continues!


*The name of the client has been altered to protect the client's privacy.



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