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Trauma Informed Care through Project CHANGE Renews Teen's Hopes

Oliver* was referred to Project CHANGE by a counselor in his school, he is 15 years-old. When we first met him, he reported having visual and auditory hallucinations and was experiencing insomnia due to intense nightmares. In our assessment, we identified the nightmares were a response to the trauma he experienced when he and his mother were kidnapped by a criminal organization for 16 days after a failed attempt to emigrate their home in Honduras. After another attempt, Oliver and his mother were able to cross the US border. 

Oliver was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and psychotic symptoms. He agreed to take medication to reduce the insomnia and hallucinations. As a result of working with his treatment team, Oliver is now sleeping eight hours at night, no longer fears he is being followed and the voices of the kidnappers are no longer flooding his daily thoughts. 


Oliver has worked weekly with a youth peer support specialist and Project CHANGE clinician identifying and practicing positive coping skills. He has successfully passed all classes and will advance to the 8th grade this year. His treatment team identified a need for Oliver's family to develop healthy physical activities they can enjoy together. His family expressed an interest in riding bikes to spend quality time while exploring their community. The treatment team is helping Oliver's family with a flex fund process to locate affordable bicycles for them. 


Oliver excelled in summer school and is looking forward to a new school year with new friends. 


*Client's name was altered to protect the client's privacy


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