Step 3 - Debarment and Background Checks
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How to Contract with The Harris Center 

Step 3 - Debarment and Background Checks


During the procurement and contracting processes the Harris Center staff will search the state and/or federal debarment lists to confirm that you or your business entity have not been debarred from receiving a contract with a governmental entity. Debarment means the disqualification of a person and/or entity to receive invitations for bids, or requests for proposals, or the award of a contract by federal or state governments, for a specified period of time commensurate with the seriousness of the offense or the failure or inadequacy of performance.


The debarment process protects the state and the government from fraud, waste and abuse.  The effect of being placed on the suspension or debarment list are many but the main effects are listed below.


  • Your name will be published as ineligible on the Texas Comptroller site and/or the System for Award Management (SAM), a GSA administered website (Federal). Your suspension is effective throughout the State of Texas and the Executive Branch of the Federal government and applies to procurement and non-procurement programs.
  • Offers will not be solicited from, contracts will not be awarded to, existing contracts will not be renewed or otherwise extended for, and subcontracts requiring the Harris Center’s or state approval will not be approved. For additional information see the Texas Comptroller site at